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For over 30 years, we have been a “world leader” in the design and manufacture of severe service PTFE and PFA lined process equipment including valves, piping, bellows, and lined accessories. In addition to developing our innovative PFA molding processes, to ensure and control quality, we manufacture all CRP products internally.

Our core customer base consists of Chlor-Alkali, Bromine, Chemical, Petro- chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Pulp & Paper, Metals Refining, and Mining industries.

Featuring a comprehensive range of PFA lined, bellows sealed control valves, our Kammer ® series valve products are specifically engineered for industries’ most severe corrosive, high purity, and highly permeating control valve applications. Our fully rated PN 16 (232 psig), molecular and mechanically enhanced PTFE bellows seal, totally isolates the rising valve stem from the process media and eliminates environmental concerns associated with fugitive emissions.

Our Control Valve Features and Benefits: