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The FluoroFlow bellows range (FFB) is engineered to specifically compensate for thermal expansion in piping systems, for the protection of fragile process equipment such as (graphite, glass & fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and the isolation of vibration hazards. PTFE Bellows are ideally used for corrosive, high purity, and hot applications.

The Product Family

The bellows product range covers 22 sizes from 1”NB to 42”NB. They are manufactured in two materials, virgin PTFE and static dissipating PTFE. FluoroFlow Bellows in sizes 1”NB to 10”NB are available in extra heavy duty only. For larger diameters there is a choice of two wall thicknesses, a heavy duty (HD) and extra heavy duty (XHD). The bellows can be manufactured with 2 to 10 convolutions. However, this is just the standard product. The flexibility of the manufacturing method is such that many special
configurations can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. For products requiring a higher pressure rating than is possible with PTFE alone, we have our range of armoured bellows (FFAB) where the PTFE is surrounded by a high pressure stainless steel shell.

HiPerFlon® (Molecular Enhanced)

HiPerFlon® is a second generation paste extruded High Performance PTFE. HiPerFlon® has the greatest mechanical properties and lowest permeation rates of PTFE materials and as such provides high pressure ratings, long lifetime, low maintenance costs and consequently the lowest cost of ownership.

The Manufacturing Process

CRP uses virgin paste extruded or virgin multi-ply PTFE tubes of their own manufacture to guarantee the highest quality from the beginning of the production process. A unique convolution process undertaken at very high temperatures, combined with additional material to compensate for the extra length from straight to convoluted, provides a uniform PTFE wall thickness and a stress-free material in a thermally locked bellows shape. This process has a significant positive influence on the long-term reliability and performance of the product.