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For more than 30 years we have been a “world leader” in the manufacture of paste extruded PTFE and PFA lined equipment including piping, fittings, columns, bellows, valves, sight glasses, sampling systems and associated equipment.

Our core customer base consists of chemical, chlor- alkali, bromine, fluorine, agricultural-chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, pulp and paper, and metals refining industries.

CRP products are often installed in conjunction with our lined columns as modern chemical processes require multi-purpose function and performance which typically is not available from traditional companies.

The introduction of our HiPerflon® paste extruded (molecular and mechanically enhanced) PTFE and PFA lined, large diameter columns for critical processes such as strong acids, caustic, bromine, and fluorine at 200° C is a testimonial to our customer focused commitment. Our seamless, 10 mm thick, HiPerflon® linings offer unparalleled, internal corrosion resistance and the absolute lowest rate of permeation, thus significantly enhancing the safety, reliability, and integrity of our customer’s processes and facilities. Our proprietary and unique PFA molded nozzle sections are manufactured in one piece and eliminate the need for PTFE welding and the additional leak paths associated with a multi- piece lined nozzle design.

Body NE 10216/7-2 P235 HG TC12/
EN 10216/7-2 P265 GH TC1/2
A PI L5 Grade B
Flanges EN 10222-2 P245GH
EN 10028-2 P235GH/P265GH
EN 10273 P250GH
Lining Virgin HiPerFlon® (Paste Extruded PTFE and PFA)
Minimum Tensile Requirements
UTS 20,7 MPa Elongation at Break 250% in Both Directions.
Specific Gravity in the Range 2,14 - 2,17
Particle Size Average Diameter 500 ± 200μm
PFA ASTM D3307 type Il
Minimum Tensile Requirements UTS 26 MPa and 300%
Elongation at Break
Specific Gravity in the Range 2,12 - 2,17
Melt Flow Rate 1- 3g/10 Mins
Options Stainless Steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel
Anti-static Lining

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