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For more than 30 years, we have been a “world leader” in the design and manufacture of severe service PTFE and PFA lined process equipment including piping, fittings, columns, valves, bellows, and lined accessories. In addition to developing our innovative PFA molding processes, to ensure and control quality, we manufacture all our products internally.

Featuring a comprehensive range of PFA lined check valves and sight glasses, CRP’s products are engineered for industries’ most severe corrosive, high purity, and highly permeating applications

Our core customer base consists of Chlor-Alkali, Bromine, Chemical, Petro- chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Pulp & Paper, Metals Refining and Mining industries.

Our portfolio of sight glasses are designed using heavy wall borosilicate glass or reinforced transparent PFA that allows clear viewing of corrosive media at higher pressures and has become a global standard for our customers.

We manufacture a wide variety of options for both our Sight Glasses and our Check Valves.